Production and commercial limited liability company «БелЭнергоСпецСервис» (ПК ООО «БелЭнергоСпецСервис») has been operated on the construction market since 1998. 
Our company specializes in the construction of projects of power system. Today core business of ПК ООО «БелЭнергоСпецСервис» is construction, reconstruction and installation according to the Customer's project, such projects as: 
   1. Boiler: 
 - steam, water boilers; 
 - to solid, liquid and gaseous fuels; 
 - roof, built-in, freestanding, modular and transportable; 

   2. CHP (sources of combined generation of thermal and electrical energy) based on: 
 - gas piston units 
 - gas turbines 
 - steam turbines 
   3. Metering of thermal energy: 
 - water-heating, steam; 
   4. External engineering systems: 
 - fuel lines and gas pipelines; 
 - front, overhead and underground; 
 - plastic, steel; 
 - installing gas piston units, gas turbines, steam turbines; 
 - heating main with the coolant (water (ethylene glycol solution) at a temperature of about or above 115°C, vapor pressure at and above 0.07  MPa); 
 - insulation of pipelines. 
   5. Engineering system of internal types: 
- heating; 
- gas supply.

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